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Staying positive and leading with integrity...

This morning I listened in horror to Putin's threat of more devastation in the Ukraine if they did not capitulate and hand over their country to him. Can there be a bigger bully? Unchecked bullying always escalates. At first it is your lunch money. Maybe next it is someone trying to get elected using public tactics like social media or offensive billboards or private tactics like sign theft and harassing text messages. Excessive power wrongly obtained is dangerous and grown unchecked can be devastating.

Nothing drives home the importance of voting and making informed decisions at the polls like the situation in the Ukraine. It is imperative to elect honest leaders and judges who truly seek to serve their communities at every level.

I am frequently asked why I chose to run for the 47th District Court and why I have chosen to keep my campaign positive. The answer to both of these questions is essentially the same. As someone who has spent most of her adult life in the courtroom, I have been a part of the legal system for years. I have seen it work time and time again to protect citizens, whether they are being sued or accused of a horrific violent crime. I have seen it protect the community from dangerous criminals.

Our jury system was Constitutionally created for criminal and civil matters for a reason. I believe in the importance of protecting its honor, neutrality and integrity for everyone. I believe that that a judge who truly wishes to serve with honor behaves honorably as a candidate and a judge. I have tried to run my campaign with this in mind.

I have often likened this campaign to the longest jury trial of my life. I have remained positive and focused on the facts because I trust the system to handle any crimes committed and the voters to find the truth. lf l were to win without honor then all of us will have lost.
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