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"The ends of victory never justify dishonesty"

Credibility | Integrity | Experience

While I have campaigned on the basis of my experience, judicial philosophy and desire to serve, my opponent has dedicated a great deal of time talking about me. While I appreciate his interest, I am left to wonder why we have not heard more about his philosophy and plans should he take the bench.

The central theme in my opponent's campaign is that he is the "only qualified candidate." My experience is nearly identical to that of the current judge, who has done so well over his approximately three terms that he never once drew an opponent.

My opponent has stated many things that are obviously false as a matter of public record. For one, although approximately ninety individual attorneys and entire law firms have endorsed me, my opponent dismisses this asserting that their public support is a result of "fear of reprisal." I cannot follow this logic when these attorneys have supported me financially and never asked to have their names removed from my endorsement list, even after being contacted by my opponent and his wife with their complaints. My opponent also tells voters I only represent corporations and insurance companies. This is also verifiably false as a matter of public record. I have represented thousands of individuals and small businesses across the Texas Panhandle. Court records can be easily checked.

In my view, it is important to consider a candidate’s judicial philosophy, character, honesty, integrity, history of service, work ethic, transparency and humility. If you have followed my campaign, you know I believe that good judges apply the law as written to protect people’s rights and public safety. Our system of government was designed to function as three separate branches. Writing the law should always be left to our legislators.

A good judge is never swayed by outside influence. A good judge applies the law neutrally, promptly, and accurately with a willingness to consider the arguments of parties and research changes in the law. A good judge never assumes they have all the answers. A good judge admits mistakes and learns from them so they are not committed repeatedly. A good judge seeks to serve their community inside the courtroom and outside by participating in the community. A good judge shows a history of service that dates well beyond the photo ops of a campaign. Most importantly, a good judge is honest and insists upon honesty in the courtroom at all times.

The ends of victory never justify the means of dishonesty. No matter how hard a fight becomes, a good judge never sacrifices his integrity.

The 47th District Court affects the lives of more than 250,000 people. It is imperative that we turn out for this runoff election and when we do, we should elect a judge with the personal qualities necessary to preserve and protect the sanctity of this bench. I would encourage voters to fact-check the rhetoric and consider the character of a candidate willing to make it.

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