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Why your vote is so important....

Updated: May 9, 2022

In 2020, population in the US increased by 392,000 and Texas population increased 310,000. We experience population growth naturally- domestic migration and international migration. An exponential amount of Texas growth in 2020 came from California, followed by New York.

Personally, I have met many fine people who are new to our community from these areas. They share our conservative values and want to preserve them in Texas. However, many members of our new and changing population do not share our conservative values. These changing demographics make it more important than ever to vote and make informed decisions in every race if we wish to maintain the conservative values which makes Texas great.

We just completed an election regarding two Constitutional amendments and some local school board/bond issues. Sadly, turnout was not great. Beginning May 16-20 and on May 24, we will have a Republican primary runoff. The races in this runoff include: Attorney General, Land Commissioner, Railroad Commissioner, 47th District Court, two Randall County Commissioner races and a Randall County Justice of the Peace.

The importance of all of these races cannot be overstated. The protection of our rights begins at the local and state levels. The protection of state’s rights was a core reason behind the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.


If we preserve our conservative values at our state and local levels, we can protect ourselves from the abuses we see in California and New York. We can only protect our communities if we get out and exercise the right our founders and so many others died to give us; the right to vote. This is the right to say no to oppression, governmental waste, over taxation, loss of Constitutional rights and judicial activism.


I strongly believe that a good judge never has a personal agenda and always applies the law as written. A good judge protects the safety of citizens by keeping dangerous criminals off the streets while also assuring that Constitutional rights are protected. A good judge dismisses frivolous lawsuits but also protects the rights of injured parties to fully recover. A good judge efficiently moves cases through the court system so that justice is swift, but at minimal expense to taxpayers. A good judge is in touch with the community serving both inside and outside the courtroom. A good judge has character, integrity and humility. Quite simply, a good judge always acts with honor. I love and respect our rights and safety. I would be honored to receive your votes on May 24.

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